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Cleaning Nature

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Below are some ways we are gathering support for Nature-based Education in Colorado.

Foggy Forest

Current Goal:

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Ways to be involved

Group Planting a Tree

Working Groups

Within our organization, members choose which groups to participate in. With so many experts in the field, we are invested in working together to build resources, advocacy, trainings, curriculums, and more. Join the collective to learn more.

Image by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE

Child Care Licensing

We are part of a journey with state legislators, CDEC, and advocates across the state of Colorado to create the state's first Outdoor Nature Based (ONB) License for Early Childhood Education programs. 

Family in Nature


CCNBEE is building awareness, community, and is participating in National movement for outdoor preschools in collaboration with other organizations. Colorado has the opportunity to partner other states in pioneering outdoor nature-based early education programs. Although every state will look a little different, organizations such as The Washington Nature Preschool Association (WaNPA) in Washington, and Outdoor Early Learning Alliance of Oregon (OELAO) in Oregon are models for the ways we can organize the work in our state. The Willamette Partnership has created The Outdoor Preschool Policy Action Framework "to support advocates across the nation in taking the actions necessary to ensure outdoor learning programs can be licensed, thereby increasing access to high-quality outdoor and nature-based learning and taking an important step in addressing issues of equity in education and the outdoors."

Continuing the work

Advocacy and systems work are an on-going process to continually learn from the people in our communities, and make valuable change. We at CCNBEE have advocacy as a main part of our work, because we see the inequity families face and want to be an active part in progress.  It takes all of us!

Image by Scott Graham

Policy Legislation

One way to influence change is via state legislature. We are hoping to pass legislation, this year, so that there could be licensure for full-day programs and the support staffto support the endeavor. We know that the Colorado General Assembly supports working families, the outdoors and allowing parents and guardians to choose the education model that works best for their children; for that reason, we are excited to see what this Session has in store. We will continue to keep advocating for our families, our educators and our communities – this Session and beyond.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo


We are developing program support that collective members are asking for! Currently, our Communities of Practice, Coaching sessions, working groups developing training and curriculums, as well as peer-to-peer site visit trainings are all in the works! Interested in our workforce support?

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