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Professional Growth

What is Professional Growth?

Traditionally this sector of our work has been known as professional development or training. It happens in short blocks of time, once or several times a year, and creates measurable hours that are tracked to show we have increased an individual's knowledge about their chosen field.  

Experience has shown that this is not an effective way for someone to learn and grow. Most trainings result in a certificate, a 'binder on a shelf', and very little change in practice.  

Through intentional relationship-based interactions, we use adult learning principles and best practices to move beyond traditional training. Whether it is a virtual training, real time class, a community of practice, or a peer-to-peer experience, our offerings are designed to move beyond knowledge gain to real world implementation and changes in personal practice.  


Communities of Practice
are live!

Image by Dan Russo


Community of Practice

A small, closed, intentional community of learners that meet regularly to learn from each other in a mutually designed plan.  Topics are always community generated and presenters may be from the community or invited to share based on member needs.  Facilitators guide and keep learning on track.  


Peer-to-Peer Support

Through intentionally designed opportunities,  learners are paired with their peers to increase their skills.  This can include site visits and discussion, opportunities for a new practitioner to be paired with an experienced guide, or other ideas requested by a provider.  

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Request to be connected with a regional Peer Support

* be sure to list your city & county 

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Active Participant Training

No 'sit and get' training here. Our offerings include valuable learning, opportunites to discuss topics and learn from other participants, planning and implementation strategies, and actual hands-on experience.

CCNBEE Trainings

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