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What is coaching?

Image by Michał Parzuchowski


is an individualized professional development strategy.  

It uses a strengths-based approach. 

We look at what is already happening that is good and build on that.

It is relationship driven

The coach and their coaching partner work together toward goals, AND the coaching partner is the lead decision maker. As the expert in their own situation, their knowledge and needs are the highest priority.

It is consistent and ‘enough’. 

Coaching is a process that takes time to develop, so the partnership meets regularly for a minimum number of sessions to build to progress.

It is always confidential. 

The coach partner needs to be comfortable and have trust in their coach. Because of this, no details from coaching are ever shared beyond the session without the coach partner’s consent (with the exception for any mandated reporting).

It is reflective. 

Time is spent intentionally learning about the coach partner, their background, their environment, and why they chose the path they are on.  With this insight, the coach partner gains capacity to understand what they want next and how to get there.

It is PROVEN to change practice. 

Research shows coaching facilitates implementation of best practice.

Coaches are highly intentional experts in adult learning and change implementation.  They use skills like active listening and strategic questioning to guide the coach partner along their own unique path of discovery and growth.

We provide coaching for:

Walking in Nature

Providers and Teachers

Exploring your own beliefs and practices to help you grow and guide the growth of those around you.  

Image by Kiana Bosman


Examining program structures and personal practices to create a beautiful, productive, and resilient environment.  

Image by Jonathan Borba

Program Designers & Visionaries

Taking time to stop and think about the big things...what your program was created for and where you want the work to go.

Field Trip in Nature


Partnering to develop your skills to help others learn and grow through individualized support.

Other ways we support coaching

Image by Helena Lopes


Supporting Coaches

Coaching is beautiful and challenging work. We support coaches so they are able to continue to help others.  Services include networking, training, coaching the coach, and Reflective Consultation.  


Becoming a Coach

Want to move to a more intentional way of supporting others at improving their practices and environment?  Become a coach!  

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦


Nature-Based Coaching

Collaborations with ECHO and our coaching development team are a wonderful way to deepen your practice of relationship-based coaching with a nature-based practice. 

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