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Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

Teenagers in Park

CoPs are a community 


professional development strategy.  

It is a small, closed group of learners. 

Each Community of Practice (CoP) has a set number of participants that commit to learning over a period of time. New members are not added during a cycle.

It is relationship driven

The heart of the learning is the community created.  Participants get to know each other's work, strengths, and growth edges. The community plans and decides together.

It is consistent and ‘enough’. 

Community learning takes time to develop, so the partnership meets regularly for a minimum number of sessions to build to progress.

It is intentional. 

Members start with relationship building and then move into joint planning. They discuss their own strengths and desired learning outcomes, and design a learning map that meets those needs.  

It is reflective. 

Time is spent intentionally learning about each other, their backgrounds, their environments, and why they chose the path they are on. With this insight, learning is customized for the people in the room and their daily work.

It is capacity building. 

Members have opportunities to learn from the group AND opportunities to speak about their own knowledge. Speakers/Presenters are sought in the community first, or invited if a gap is present.  

Communities of Practice are facilitated by trained co-facilitators that guide the group and keep learning on track. The facilitators are responsible for meeting structure, communication, and progress on the learning map.  

We provide Communities of Practice for:

Community Garden

Providers and Teachers

Oct - Apr

Learn with and from others working directly with children and families daily to deepen your practice. 

Image by Kiana Bosman


   Coming Soon

Share the load of program administration and responsibility, while learning from others about how to work smarter, motivate staff, and promote positive culture.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Program Designers & Visionaries

   Coming Soon

ECE indoors or out is a challenging field.  Dream about what is possible, learn from others' successes, and plan to advocate for positive change. 

Field Trip in Nature


         Oct - Apr

Share strategies and develop you toolbox as you meet with other coaches to talk about daily work and best-practice implementation.

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