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Image by Piron Guillaume

Working Groups

We use working groups to organize the various types of work we are involved in across the state. The larger collective meets monthly to connect, reflect, develop, & strategize on the various projects and developments happening in each aspects of this work.

Advocating for Policy

Change happens at many levels. Policy & Advocacy can be a powerful way to connect to systems level change, expand support, and partner with other states and agencies for change. Want to learn more about the legislative process the collective is engaged in?

Community Garden

Supporting Existing Programs

There are many programs  implementing Nature-based education in CO. This collective is for all variations of nature-based education: center-based, home-based, exempt, traditional to radical - we are all in this work with a lot of shared purpose. 

Image by Jonathan Borba

Designing Professional Development

From coaching to PD - we are developing staff trainings, site visits, coaching hours and more! What does your program excel at? What do you wish existed for your staff?

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Creating a License

Partnering with many members of a working group, this sub-committee is in the process of co-creating an Outdoor Preschool License with the CDEC. Want to understand more about the Outdoor nature-Based Preschool License in Colorado?

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